Hungry Hats - Questions

At this point you may be asking yourself...


What exactly is a Hungry Hat?
Hungry Hats are fashionable, yet practical headgear designed and hand-made by Lexi. They appear to be adorably devouring your cranium, while keeping it safe and warm from the encroaching environment.


How do I get a Hungry Hat?
Hungry Hats are available exclusively through this website, specifically by contacting Lexi.


What hats are available?
Many of the hats in the gallery are available for immediate purchase. Since they are all custom made, you may order any animal in practically any color or material.


How much do Hungry Hats cost?
The average price is $100 US. Custom designs will take longer to make and incur a higher fee and for that reason Lexi prefers to price the hats after they are complete. Contact her with your ideas for an estimate.


How long will it take to make my Hungry Hat?
Since every hat is a labor of love (to say the least), it can take a long time to receive your hat. When you make your order, you will receive a time estimate based on the design and availabiilty and there is absolutely no obligation to buy until your hat is complete.


I don't think I can afford a Hungry Hat...How do I get my cranium-gnawing fix?!?
Are you a starving artist? Do you create groovy tunes, or craft magical objects? The bartering system is not dead here at Hungry Hats, contact Lexi for more information.